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CP302 Smiths Heater Plate

CP303 Caution Heater Plate

CP304 Chassis Plate - Standard Eight

CP305 Chassis Plate - Triumph TR4, Spitfire Mk2, 2000 MkI, GT6 Mk1

CP306 Chassis Plate - Standard Ten

CP318 Chassis Plate - Triumph Herald (early)

CP320 Chassis Plate - Triumph TR2

CP321 Chassis Plate - Triumph TR3A

CP328 Chassis Plate - Triumph TR6 1973-75 (P/N UKC 7821)

CP332 Chassis Plate - Triumph TR4 (GLW 1205 Kg)

CP335 Chassis Plate - Triumph GT6 Mk2

CP338 Chassis Plate - Triumph 2.5/2500 Mk2

CP345 Chassis Plate - Triumph general (Herald, Vitesse, late Spitfire Mk3, Dolomite, TR6, GT6, 2000, 2.5)

CP359 Chassis Plate - Triumph TR4A, Spitfire Mk2, some GT6 Mk1

CP360 Chassis Plate - Triumph TR5, Spitfire Mk3, Vitesse 1600, early Herald 13/60

CP361 Chassis Plate - Triumph TR3

CP363 Chassis Plate - Triumph Stag after 1976 (LD4000 on)

CP385 Fisholow Plate - Standard 8 & 10

CP402 Chassis Plate - Triumph Spitfire 1500 1973-1979

CP413A Chassic Plate - Triumph TR7, Speke built vehicles (P/N UKC7255)

CP413B Chassic Plate - Triumph TR7 Sprint (P/N UKC2997)

CP433 Chassic Plate - Triumph Dolomite Sprint

CP444 Chassis Plate - Triumph TR7, Solihull built vehicles (1980-83)

CP496 Chassis Plate - Triumph late TR7, early TR8 from 1979 (P/N TKC4542)

CP497 Chassis Plate - Triumph TR8 (P/N TKC 6764)

CP498 Chassis Plate - Triumph Dolomite, Spitfire 1500, Stag (1975)

CP504 Chassis Plate - Triumph Stag, Dolomite

CP507 Chassis Plate - Triumph Spitfire4 (Mk1)

CP516 Chassis Plate - Bond Equipe - Sharps Commercials

CP517 Chassis Plate - Bond Equipe - Bond Cars

CP518 Body Number Plate - Triumph Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire etc

CP526 Chassis Plate - Triumph Vitesse 1600

We have recently acquired a small stock of original chassis plates for the following vehicles:

CP527 Chassis Plate - Triumph 2000 Saloon MkII

CP528 Chassis Plate - Triumph 2000 Estate MkII

CP529 Chassis Plate - Triumph 2500 PI Estate MkII

Please note that these particular plates have not been in a protected environment for the last 40+ years and have a certain amount of 'wear' on them, some more than others! If you want something which looks as though it has just come from the manufacturers - as most of our reproduction plates have - they may not be right for you. But if you are perhaps missing the plate on your car and wish to replace it with something with a 'patina' as though it had been on your car for many years they may be just right for you. We would prefer you to see them and buy them from us at a show but we are willing to post them, with the warning that you must be aware that even the tidiest of them do have some marks or wear.


CP512 Steering wheel centre - Spitfire 1500 1978-79

CP513 Steering wheel centre - Spitfire 1500 1979 on, Dolomite 1500HL/1850

CR767 Bond Equipe 2 litre coupe or convertible - Number '6'

CR768 Triumph 2000 boot badge insert (P/N 627564)

BAS Stainless Steel air scoop trim for Bond Equipe GT 4S or 2 litre or Triumph 2000 Mk1 with fitting studs.


KF425 Key Fob - Triumph Herald

KF434 Key Fob - Triumph Vitesse

KF431 Key Fob - Triumph Spitfire

KF430 Key Fob - Triumph GT6

KF426 Key Fob - Triumph TR4

KF427 Key Fob - Triumph TR6

KF433 Key Fob - Triumph TR7

KF432 Key Fob - Triumph Stag

KF428 Key Fob - Triumph Globe/World

KF435 Key Fob - Triumph Wreath (TR)

KF449 Key Fob - Triumph Shield (TR)


LH406 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Triumph TR (black background)

LH413 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Triumph TR (white background)

LH423 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Standard 10

LH425 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Triumph (blue & white)

LH436 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Union Jack (Union Flag)


ST111 Electrical Warning label - TR7, TR8 and other BL cars

ST113 Negative Earth label - various Triumph

ST172 Positive Earth label - Standard 8 & 10, early Herald, Spitfire, 2000 etc

ST124 Tudor washer bottle label - Spitfire Mk1, Mk2, Mk3

ST127 Smiths Heater Caution label - Dolomite, Toledo etc

ST128 Smiths Heater Rotation label - Dolomite, Toledo etc

ST148 Girling Reservoir label - TR2, TR3, TR4

ST156 Lucas HA12 Coil Label (silver) - All Models

ST166 "IMPORTANT" Unipart label - Dolomite, 2000, 2500

ST167 Fuel Tap Reserve intructions sticker - Herald, Vitesse

ST176 Speedo trip counter (clockwise) - Triumph Herald, Vitesse, GT6, Spitfire MkI, 2,Mk3, TR5 and others

ST388 Speedo trip counter (anti-clockwise) - Triumph TR6, TR7, Dolomite Sprint and others

ST186 Union Jack (pair) - Various

ST187 AC Air Cleaner Label - Triumph TR2, TR3

ST192 "E11/E2" label - Triumph Spitfire Mk4 & 1500

ST257 "E11/E2" patents label Triumph Spitfire 1500, 1979-80 (TKC4552)

ST384 "E11/E2" patents label Triumph 2000/2500 (UKC3485)

ST226 Emission Control / Engine Settings label - Triumph TR7 USA & California 1979

ST227 Emission Control / Engine Settings label - Triumph TR6 USA & California 1974

ST229 Radiator Warning label - Triumph Stag

ST230 Emission Control / Engine Settings label - Triumph Spitfire USA (original item)

ST231 Emission Control / Engine Settings label - Triumph TR7 USA 1977

ST232 Emission Control / Engine Settings label - Triumph TR7 USA 1979

ST256 Emission Control / Engine Settings label - Triumph Dolomite 1300, 1500, 1500HL, Spitfire

ST383 Emission Control / Engine Settings label - Triumph 2000/2500

ST234 Standard Triumph Company Patents label - Spitfire, GT6, TR6, Vitesse, Dolomite etc

ST239 Triumph Stag Hood Stowage Instructions label

ST241 Triumph Overseas Visitor label - all models

ST242 Oval GB on Union Jack sticker

ST243 Emission Control / Engine Settings label - TR7 USA & California 1980

ST249 Triumph Stag Hood Warning Label

ST270 Lucas Ballast Coil label

ST271 Bluecol 'U' Antifreeze label l

ST274 Radiator warning label (black) Triumph 2000 & Triumph Stag to 1973

ST288 Triumph 'Cold Start' windscreen label - Triumph 2000

ST339 Castrol GTX Oil Change Due Sticker

ST394 AC Filter decal (blue/white) - Triumph TR3 & TR4

ST400 Large Union Jack Sticker (15cm x 10cm)

ST402 Foil decal - Triumph Globe

ST406 Triumph 1500 bonnet badge - USA (P/N 625186)

ST412 Triumph Spitfire MkIV & 1500 and GT6 Mk3 'PULL/BOOST' label for heater slide knob.

ST416 Hood Stowage instructions label - Triumph TR7

ST417 Emission Control label - Triumph TR7 (UKC 6246)

ST418 E11/E2 patents label - Triumph TR7

ST419 Headlamp mechanism label - Triumph TR7

ST420 Brake and clutch metric label - Triumph TR7

ST421 Tyre Pressure label - Triumph TR7

ST422 Manifold inlet tube warning label - Triumph TR7

ST424 Small silver Triumph TR7 label

ST425 AC Air Filter label, A4877R - Triumph 2.5 Pi

ST433 SuperCover windscreen sticker - British Leyland, up to 1981

ST434 SuperCover windscreen sticker - Austin Rover, 1981 on

ST438 Unleaded fuel only sticker - TR7, TR8 USA spec and others

ST443 Emission Control label - Triumph TR8 (ERC 7738)

ST444 Emission Control label - Triumph GT6 USA & California 1972

ST450 "E11/E2" patents label - Triumph Stag

ST451 "E11/E2" patents label - Triumph TR6


TR209 Oil Cap transfer (Red) - Triumph Herald

TR210 Oil Cap transfer (White) - Triumph Herald, TR4

TR211 Lights transfer (Off/Side/Main) - RHD Triumph TR5, TR6

TR213 Lights transfer (Side/Main/Dip) - RHD Triumph Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire Mk I, II or III, GT6 MkI, TR5, TR6, TR250

TR214 Lights transfer (Main/Dip) - RHD Triumph TR4, TR5, TR6, TR250, Spitfire MkIV/1500, GT6 MkIII

TR215 Lights transfer (Main/Dip) - LHD Triumph TR4, TR5, TR6, TR250, Spitfire MkIV/1500, GT6 MkIII

TR216 Right Hand Drive Indicator Switch Transfer - RHD Spitfire, GT6, Herald, Vitesse, TR4, TR250, TR5 & TR6

TR217 Oil Cap transfer - Triumph TR2, TR3, Spitfire 4 MK1

TR219 Left Hand Drive Indicator Switch Transfer - LHD Spitfire, GT6, Herald, Vitesse, TR4, TR250, TR5 & TR6

TR222 Lights transfer (Off/Side/Main) - LHD Triumph TR5

TR223 Fuel Tap Reserve intructions transfer - Triumph Herald, Vitesse

TR224 Lights transfer (Side/Main/Dip) - LHD Triumph Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire Mk I, II or III, GT6 MkI, TR5, TR6, TR250


WB601 Road wheel centre badge - Triumph Spitfire MkIV (Black/Silver - 51mm diameter) - suitable for early MkIV wheel trims with the larger indent

WB602 Road wheel centre badge - Triumph Spitfire 1500 (Blue/Silver - 44mm diameter) (re-made in the slightly smaller size to fit most wheel centres)

WB607 Road wheel centre badge - Triumph TR6 (50mm diameter)

WB608 Road wheel centre badge - Triumph GT6 (51mm diameter)

WB612 Road wheel centre badge - Dolomite, Toledo (Black/Red - 46mm diameter)

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