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CP302 Smiths Heater Plate

CP303 Caution Heater Plate - Morgan Plus 8& 4/4 and various others

CP313 Chassis plate - Austin or Nash Metropolitan

CP344 Lubrication Plate - Vauxhall Cresta, Velox, Victor

CP351 Lucas Battery plate

CP385 Fisholow plate

CP403 Chassis plate - Vanden Plas Princess 1300

CP405 Smiths Fresh Air Heater Plate. Model 350

CP423 Body plate - Vanden Plas Princess

CP452 Chassis plate - BMC Vanden Plas, various

CP458 Chassis plate - Berkeley (Available from The Berkeley Enthusiasts Club. Please contact us for details)

CP461 Chassis plate - Singer Vogue

CP466 Chassis plate with lubrication info - AC

CP475 Data plate - Sunbeam Alpine Series 3 & Series 4 (1224888)

CP483 Chassis plate - Sunbeam Talbot

CP516 Chassis plate - Bond Equipe - Sharps Commercials

CP517 Chassis plate - Bond Equipe - Bond Cars

CP518 Body Number Plate - Triumph Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire etc

CP512 Steering wheel centre - Spitfire 1500 1978-79

CP513 Steering wheel centre - Spitfire 1500 1979 on, Dolomite 1500HL/1850


CR767 Bond Equipe 2 litre coupe or convertible - Number '6'

BAS Stainless Steel air scoop trim for Bond Equipe GT 4S or 2 litre or Triumph 2000 Mk1 with fitting studs


KF413 BMC Rosette Key Fob

KF444 Union Jack Key Fob


LH402 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - BMC Rosette - Austin, Morris, MG, Riley, Wolseley

LH409 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - AC (Limited stock)

LH428 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Hillman Wings

LH436 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Union Jack (Union Flag)


ST411 Air Con - Vauxhall/Opel Senator, Vauxhall Carlton, & Opel Monza 1983/1986

ST187 AC Air Cleaner (blue/white) - Jowett Javelin and Jupiter

ST253 AC Air Cleaner (blue/white)

ST392 AC Air Cleaner (black/white)

ST394 AC Air Cleaner (blue/white/grey)

ST403 AC Air Cleaner (black/pink)

ST425 AC Fuel Filter, Element A4877R, (black/white)

ST427 AC Fuel Filter, round

ST428 AC Fuel Filter, oblong

ST286 AC Oil Bath Cleaner Warning

ST253 Air Filter

ST430 BL Rally stickers, large (145mm x 113mm)

ST153 BL Special Tuning Abingdon

ST271 Bluecol 'U' antifreeze

ST453 Bluecol red dot label

ST454 Bluecol Robin round label

ST339 Castrol "Oil Change Due"

ST382 Control Box Polarise

ST121 Coopers Air Cleaner

ST120 Coopers Air Filter

ST242 GB oval sticker with Union Jack background

ST148 Girling Reservoir label - Jowett Javelin and Jupiter, and others

ST281 Girling Powerstop Servo 5204

ST287 Girling Powerstop Servo 5156

ST429 Girling Shock Absorber

TR216 Indicator Switch Transfer - RHD Lotus Elan

ST110 Leyland Special Tuning, Rocker Cover label

TR213 Lights transfer (Side/Main/Dip) - RHD TVR Vixen

TR214 Lights transfer (Main/Dip) - RHD Lotus Elan, Lotus Europa

ST285 Lucas B12 12v Coil

ST270 Lucas Ballast Coil

ST200 Lucas Battery labels, set of 3

ST117 Lucas Battery warning

ST191 Lucas Gold Battery

ST156 Lucas HA12 Coil

ST336 Lucas HA12 fluid Cooled Coil

ST369 Lucas "Low Maintenance Battery"

ST268 Lucas Opus 12v Coil

ST377 Lucas Sports SA12 Coil

ST169 Lucas Screen Jet

ST122 Lucas Wiring Ties (Set of 5)

TR209 Oil Filler Cap (Red)

ST410 Race Proved Performance

ST272 Rists Wiring Loom, red text - BL vehicles pre-1982

ST435 Rists Wiring Loom, black text - BL vehicles 1982-1986)

ST265 Safety Harness Anchorage BRIT. STD. A.U. 48 1965

ST127 Smiths Heater caution

ST128 Smiths Heater Motor rotation

ST129 Smiths Industries Heater (FHR 5406)

ST130 Smiths Heater (FHR 3456)

ST385 Smiths Heater (FHR 2480/10)

ST432 Smiths Heater (FHF 2103)

ST433 SuperCover windscreen sticker - British Leyland, up to 1981

ST434 SuperCover windscreen sticker - Austin Rover, 1981 on

ST269 Trico Windscreen Washer Bottle

ST116 Trico Vacuum Washers

ST125 Triplex Laminated ouble sided sticker (red/black/yellow)

ST329B Triplex Zebrazone toughened windscreen (Blue)

ST329G Triplex Zebrazone toughened windscreen (Green)

ST124 Tudor Washer Bottle labels

ST400 Union Jack sticker, large (15cm x 10cm)

ST186 Union Jack stickers, small, pair

ST119 Unipart Air Cleaner

ST166 Unipart label "IMPORTANT"

ST174 Unipart Air filter

ST438 Unleaded fuel only sticker

ST139 Vanden Plas Princess, Rocker Cover label

ST395 Valve Clearance .015", Rocker Cover label

ST137 Weslake Patents Rocker Cover label - Mini, Riley Elf, Wolseley Hornet etc (1966-72)

ST446 Weslake Patents Rocker Cover label - Riley Kestrel and other BMC 1100 saloonsbr>

ST267 BMC Rosette sticker (external/body)

ST373 BMC Rosette sticker (internal/screen)

TR208 BMC Rosette transfer (external/body)

TR204 BMC Rosette transfer (internal/screen)

TR205 BMC 'SAFETY FAST' transfer (external/body)

TR206 BMC 'SAFETY FAST' transfer (internal/screen)

ST295 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette sticker (external/body)

TR207 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette transfer (external/body)

TR220 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette transfer (internal/screen)

Austin Austin Healey Daimler/Jaguar Ford

MG Mini Morris Riley

Rover Triumph Wolseley Other