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CP301 Commission Number Plate - Mini Mk2

CP313 Chassis Plate - Austin Mini 1959 & 1960

CP314 Chassis Plate - Austin Mini 1959-64, Austin A35/40 1954-58

CP316 Chassis Plate - Morris Mini Mk1 1959-64

CP339 Chassis plate - Austin Morris Group, BL Mini Mk3 1971-75

CP379 Chassis Plate - Austin Mini Cooper 67-69

CP383B Speedwell Plate (Black and Silver)

CP383Y Speedwell Plate (Yellow and Black)

CP384 Broadspeed Plate

CP403 Chassis Plate - Austin & Morris Mk2 Mini 1968-71, Mini Cooper Mk3

CP443 Chassis Plate Mini Cooper (after 1965)

CP444 Chassis Plate BL Mini 1980-83

CP477 Chassis Plate Rover Group Mini (1988 on)

CP486 Chassis Plate Austin Rover Group Late Mini Cooper

CP490 Chassis Plate British Leyland Mini Van (Not Currently Available, please contact us to be added to a 'wish list' in case we can get some made in the future.)

CR7000 Enamel Union Jack badge

KF438 Austin Mini Key Fob

KF444 Union Jack Key Fob

LH427 Mini Cooper Tax Disk Holder

LH436 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Union Jack (Union Flag)

ST113 Negative Earth label

ST117 Lucas Battery Warning Label

ST119 Unipart air cleaner Mini

ST120 Coopers air cleaner (Blue/White)

ST122 Lucas Wiring Ties (strip of 5) All models

ST124 Tudor Washer Bottle blue label

ST125 Triplex Laminated label (for cars with laminated screens

ST135 Morris valve cover sticker

ST136 Austin valve cover sticker

ST156 Lucas HA12 Coil Label (Silver)

ST166 "Most Important Unipart" (late models)

ST183 Mini 1275 GT foil badge insert (Black/Silver) (Not currently available)

ST184 Mini 1275 GT foil badge insert (Black/Red/Silver)

ST185 Mini Cooper 'S' foil badge insert (Not currently available)

ST186 Pair of Union Jacks (all models)

ST235 Alexander Converted Plate

ST264 Leyland Mini Clubman badge Insert

ST275 Leyland Mini Special badge Insert - Gold

ST281 Girling Powerstop Servo 5204 sticker

ST287 Girling Powerstop Servo 5156 sticker

ST289 Speedwell Large Exterior

ST290 Speedwell Small Exterior

ST291 Speedwell Large Interior

ST292 Speedwell Small Interior

ST337 Mini Cooper S round sticker

ST338 Austin Mini Cooper S Sticker Oval

ST385 Smiths Heater label Early Mini

WB613 Wheel centre - Mini

TR202A Coopers transfer PD2604A

TR202B Coopers transfer PD2604 B/1

ST186 Pair of Union Jacks (all models)

ST242 GB Sticker

ST339 Castrol GTX "OIL CHANGE DUE" label

ST267 BMC Rosette sticker (external/body)

ST373 BMC Rosette sticker (internal/screen)

TR208 BMC Rosette transfer (external/body)

TR204 BMC Rosette transfer (internal/screen)

TR205 BMC 'SAFETY FAST' transfer (external/body)

TR206 BMC 'SAFETY FAST' transfer (internal/screen)

ST295 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette sticker (external/body)

TR207 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette transfer (external/body)

TR220 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette transfer (internal/screen)

Austin Austin Healey Daimler/Jaguar Ford

MG Mini Morris Riley

Rover Triumph Wolseley Other