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B196 Brass Patent Plate - MG TA, TC, TD Out of Stock Please contact us if you would like to go on our wish list for this item. If we can get enough orders we will be able to have some more made.

B197 Brass Body ID Plate - MG TC, TD, TF Out of Stock Please contact us if you would like to go on our wish list for this item. If we can get enough orders we will be able to have some more made.

B199 Brass Morris Motors Radiator plate MG TA, TC

B200 Brass Patent Number Plate - MG TA, TC

B204 Brass MGA 1600 Firing Order Plate (.015")

B205 Brass MGA 1500 Firing Order Plate (.017")

B211 Brass Chassis Plate - MG TA

B213 Brass MG Made in England - MGA, MG TC, TD, TF export cars

CP302 Smiths Heater Plate - MGA, Early MGB up to 1965

CP303 Caution Heater Plate - MGA, Magnette

CP310 Chassis Plate - MG Magnette, MGB, MGC, Midget 1967-72

CP311 Chassis Plate - MG, MGB, Midget 1962-1967

CP329 Auster Screen Badge - MGA Roadster Out of Stock Please contact us if you would like to go on our wish list for this item. If we can get enough orders we will be able to have some more made.

CP330 Chassis Plate - MG Magnette ZA

CP331 Chassis Plate - MG Magnette ZB

CP334 Overdrive Escutcheon - MGB/C 1962-76

CP339 Chassis Plate - Austin Morris Group, MGB, Midget 1972-79

CP340A Chassis Plate - MGA 1500 1955-57

CP340B Chassis Plate - MGA 1500/1600 1957 on

CP341 Patent Plate - MGA, MGB

CP343 Engine Plate - MGA, MGB, MG Z series etc

CP346 Pair of Chassis Plates - MGB Export

CP349 MG Rocker Cover Plate Silver/Black - MGA, MGB, ZA/ZB to 1966

CP349R MG Rocker Cover Plate Silver/Red - Early MGA

CP350A Weslake Patents Rocker Cover Plate - (1 Line at bottom of plate) MGB

CP350B Weslake Patents Rocker Cover Plate - (2 Lines at bottom of plate) MGA

CP351 Lucas Battery plate - MG 18/80, Pre-war T-Series

CP352 MG Commission Plate No G52N/F - MGC Roadster

CP353 MG Commission Plate No G52D/P - MGC GT

CP355 MG Commission Plate No G23D/P - MGB GT 1967 on

CP356 MG Commission Plate No G23N/Z - MGB Tourer 1970 on

CP357 MG Commission Plate No G23D/Z - MGB GT 1970 on

CP358 MG Commission Plate No G75D/Z - MGB GT V8

CP366 Chassis Plate - MG TF

CP367 Patents Plate - MG TF (Not currently available)

CP370 MGB Golden Jubilee Dash Plaque 1975

CP386 Engine Number Plate BP15GB - MGA 1500

CP388 Engine Number Plate 15GD-U-H - MGA 1500

CP398 MG T Series Side screen Patent Plate - MG TA, TB, TC

CP440 Warning for Rear Screen Heat Element - MGB GT, MGC GT

CP492 MG 1100 & Midget Mk1/2

CP509 Alexander Converted plate

CP510 MG Midget Golden Jubilee Dash Plaque 1929-79


LH400 Licence Holder - MG Brown/Cream

LH401 Licence Holder - MG Black/Gold

LH411 Licence Holder - MG Red/Gold

LH402 License Holder - BMC Rosette)

LH436 Licence Holder - Union Jack (Union Flag)


KF420 Key Fob - MGB

KF421 Key Fob - MG Midget

KF440 Key Fob - MG Octagon (black/white)

KF441 Key Fob - MG Octagon (red/black)


ST110 Leyland Special Tuning sticker - MGB

ST111 Electrical Warning label - MGB, MIDGET

ST113 Negative Earth decal - MGB, V8, 1968 on, MGC, Midget

ST114 Hood label - MGB, MGC Roadster, Midget

ST115 Negative Earth label - MGB, MGC

ST116 Trico Windscreen Washers and Wiper labels (two Pieces) - MG ZA/ZB & MG Magnette

ST117 Lucas Battery Warning - MGB, V8, Midget

ST118 Radiator sticker, Plug Removal warning - MGB, Midget

ST119 BL Unipart Air Cleaner label - MGB 1969-79

ST120 Coopers Air Filter decal - MGB up to 1969, MGC, Midget

ST122 Lucas Wiring Ties (strip of 5) - MGB

ST123 Speedo trip reset label (clockwise) - MGB, MGC

ST124 Tudor Washer Bottle labels - MGA, MGB, MGC, Midget

ST125 Triplex double sided Laminated Screen sticker - MGB

ST127 Heater Heater caution sticker - Midget, MG Magnette Mk4

ST128 Smiths Heater Motor Directional label - MGB, V8 1962 ON, MGC

ST129 Smiths Industries Heater label, later type (FHR 5406) - MGB 1972 ON, MGC, Midget

ST130 Smiths Industries Heater label, early type (FHR 3456) - MGB 1964-72, MGC, Midget, MG Magnette

ST131 Brake Servo label - MGB 1974 on

ST132 Emissions Rocker Cover label (900RPM) - MGB USA 1968-80

ST133 Emissions Rocker Cover label (860RPM) - MGC USA

ST134 MG Rocker Cover label - MGB, MGC 1962-72

ST137 Weslake Rocker Cover label - MGB, MGC 1966-72, Midget

ST138 US Federal label - MGB, MGC USA spec, Midget

ST141 Vehicle Emissions label - MGB & MGB GT, USA, 1970

ST148 Girling Reservoir label - various MG

ST149 Unleaded Fuel decal - MGB, Midget

ST153 BL Special Tuning Abingdon shield sticker - MGA & MGB

ST156 Lucas HA12 Coil label - MGB, Midget

ST158 Tire Pressure label MGB Tourer 1962-75

ST159 Tire Pressure label MGC Tourer 1967-69

ST160 Tire Pressure label MGBGT 1965-75

ST161 Tire Pressure label MGCGT

ST162 Catalyst label 1979 - MG USA Spec

ST163 Catalyst label 1978 - MG USA Spec

ST166 Most Important Unipart label - MGB 1972 ON

ST168 "E11" patents label, silver - late Federal MGB, 1975 on (FAM 6056)

ST172 Positive Earth label - MGB early

ST174 Unipart Replacement Air Filter - MGB 1978 on

ST178 Emissions Control, Red - MGB USA spec 1979

ST180 Tailgate Badge Insert MGB GT - Red BGT

ST181 Tailgate Badge Insert MGB GT - Black BGT

ST182 Tailgate Badge Insert MGB GT - Blue BGT (GHD5-296001 to 394677)

ST186 Union Jack Flags (Pair)

ST191 Lucas Gold Battery label - MGA, Early MGB

ST212 SU Fuel Pump label - MGB

ST236 Vokes Air Filter Decal, MGA Twin Cam

ST240 Rocker Cover label - Blue Flash - MGB 1979-80

ST286 AC Oil Bath sticker

ST382 RB310 Control Box Polarized label

ST393 Emissions Control label - MG 1974

ST429 Girling Shock absorber - MG TC

ST432 Smiths Industries Heater label (FHF 2103) - MGB Midget & Austin Healey Sprite

ST263 "I'd rather be driving my MG" Rear screen sticker

ST353 "I love my MG" Rear screen sticker


TR201 Tecalemit Transfer - MGB, MGC 1967-70

TR202A Coopers transfer PD2604A

TR202B Coopers transfer PD2604 B/1

TR203 Smiths Heater Motor Transfer - MG ZA/ZB, Magnette

ST242 GB Sticker

ST400 Union Jack Sticker

ST339 Castrol GTX "OIL CHANGE DUE" label

ST267 BMC Rosette sticker (external/body)

ST373 BMC Rosette sticker (internal/screen)

TR208 BMC Rosette transfer (external/body)

TR204 BMC Rosette transfer (internal/screen)

TR205 BMC 'SAFETY FAST' transfer (external/body)

TR206 BMC 'SAFETY FAST' transfer (internal/screen)

ST295 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette sticker (external/body)

TR207 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette transfer (external/body)

TR220 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette transfer (internal/screen)


WB603 Wheel centre badge MG Silver on Black - MG Midget

WB604 Wheel centre badge MG Silver on Red - MGB

WB605 Wheel centre badge MG Black on Silver - MGB

WB606 Wheel centre badge MG Gold on Black - Jubilee issue MGB (1975)

Austin Austin Healey Daimler/Jaguar Ford

MG Mini Morris Riley

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