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B199 Brass Morris Motors Radiator plate MG TA, TC

B200 Brass Patent Number Plate - MG TA, TC

B204 Brass MGA 1600 Firing Order Plate (.015")

B205 Brass MGA 1500 Firing Order Plate (.017")

B211 Brass Chassis Plate - MG TA

B213 Brass MG Made in England - MGA, MG TC, TD, TF export cars

CP302 Smiths Heater Plate - MGA, Early MGB up to 1965

CP303 Caution Heater Plate - MGA, Magnette

CP310 Chassis Plate - MG Magnette, MGB, MGC, Midget 1967-72

CP311 Chassis Plate - MG, MGB, Midget 1962-1967

CP330 Chassis Plate - MG Magnette ZA

CP331 Chassis Plate - MG Magnette ZB

CP334 Overdrive Escutcheon - MGB/C 1962-76

CP339 Chassis Plate - Austin Morris Group, MGB, Midget 1972-79

CP340A Chassis Plate - MGA 1500 1955-57

CP340B Chassis Plate - MGA 1500/1600 1957 on

CP341 Patent Plate - MGA, MGB

CP343 Engine Plate - MGA, MGB, MG Z series etc

CP346 Pair of Chassis Plates - MGB Export

CP349 MG Rocker Cover Plate Silver/Black - MGA, MGB, ZA/ZB to 1966

CP349R MG Rocker Cover Plate Silver/Red - Early MGA

CP350A Weslake Patents Rocker Cover Plate - (1 Line at bottom of plate) MGB

CP350B Weslake Patents Rocker Cover Plate - (2 Lines at bottom of plate) MGA

CP351 Lucas Battery plate - MG 18/80, Pre-war T-Series

CP352 MG Commission Plate No G52N/F - MGC Roadster

CP353 MG Commission Plate No G52D/P - MGC GT

CP354 MG Commission Plate No G23N/F - MGB Tourer 1967 on

CP355 MG Commission Plate No G23D/P - MGB GT 1967 on

CP356 MG Commission Plate No G23N/Z - MGB Tourer 1970 on

CP357 MG Commission Plate No G23D/Z - MGB GT 1970 on

CP358 MG Commission Plate No G75D/Z - MGB GT V8

CP366 Chassis Plate - MG TF

CP367 Patents Plate - MG TF (Not currently available)

CP370 MGB Golden Jubilee Dash Plaque 1975

CP386 Engine Number Plate BP15GB - MGA 1500

CP388 Engine Number Plate 15GD-U-H - MGA 1500

CP398 MG T Series Side screen Patent Plate - MG TA, TB, TC

CP440 Warning for Rear Screen Heat Element - MGB GT, MGC GT

CP492 MG 1100 & Midget Mk1/2

CP509 Alexander Converted plate

CP510 MG Midget Golden Jubilee Dash Plaque 1929-79


LH400 Licence Holder - MG Brown/Cream

LH401 Licence Holder - MG Black/Gold

LH411 Licence Holder - MG Red/Gold

LH402 License Holder - BMC Rosette)

LH436 Licence Holder - Union Jack (Union Flag)


KF420 Key Fob - MGB

KF421 Key Fob - MG Midget

KF440 Key Fob - MG Octagon (black/white)

KF441 Key Fob - MG Octagon (red/black)

KF442 Key Fob - MGC


ST110 Leyland Special Tuning sticker - MGB

ST111 Electrical Warning label - MGB, MIDGET

ST112 Tire Pressure label - MGB & MGB GT 1975 on

ST113 Negative Earth decal - MGB, V8, 1968 on, MGC, Midget

ST114 Hood label - MGB, MGC Roadster, Midget

ST115 Negative Earth label - MGB, MGC

ST116 Trico Windscreen Washers and Wiper labels (two Pieces) - MG ZA/ZB & MG Magnette

ST117 Lucas Battery Warning - MGB, V8, Midget

ST118 Radiator sticker, Plug Removal warning - MGB, Midget

ST119 BL Unipart Air Cleaner label - MGB 1969-79

ST120 Coopers Air Filter decal - MGB up to 1969, MGC, Midget

ST122 Lucas Wiring Ties (strip of 5) - MGB

ST123 Speedo trip reset label (clockwise) - MGB, MGC

ST124 Tudor Washer Bottle labels - MGA, MGB, MGC, Midget

ST125 Triplex double sided Laminated Screen sticker - MGB

ST126 BL badge insert - MGB 1972-79, MGC

ST127 Heater Heater caution sticker - Midget, MG Magnette Mk4

ST128 Smiths Heater Motor Directional label - MGB, V8 1962 ON, MGC

ST129 Smiths Industries Heater label, later type (FHR 5406) - MGB 1972 ON, MGC, Midget

ST130 Smiths Industries Heater label, early type (FHR 3456) - MGB 1964-72, MGC, Midget, MG Magnette

ST131 Brake Servo label - MGB 1974 on

ST132 Emissions Rocker Cover label (900RPM) - MGB USA 1968-80

ST133 Emissions Rocker Cover label (860RPM) - MGC USA

ST134 MG Rocker Cover label - MGB, MGC 1962-72

ST137 Weslake Rocker Cover label - MGB, MGC 1966-72, Midget

ST138 US Federal label - MGB, MGC USA spec, Midget

ST141 Vehicle Emissions label - MGB & MGB GT, USA, 1970

ST148 Girling Reservoir label - various MG

ST149 Unleaded Fuel decal - MGB, Midget

ST153 BL Special Tuning Abingdon shield sticker - MGA & MGB

ST156 Lucas HA12 Coil label - MGB, Midget

ST158 Tire Pressure label MGB Tourer 1962-75

ST159 Tire Pressure label MGC Tourer 1967-69

ST160 Tire Pressure label MGBGT 1965-75

ST161 Tire Pressure label MGCGT

ST162 Catalyst label 1979 - MG USA Spec

ST163 Catalyst label 1978 - MG USA Spec

ST166 Most Important Unipart label - MGB 1972 ON

ST168 "E11" patents label, silver - late Federal MGB, 1975 on (FAM 6056)

ST171 "E11/E2" patents label - Federal - 1975 ON

ST172 Positive Earth label - MGB early

ST174 Unipart Replacement Air Filter - MGB 1978 on

ST178 Emissions Control, Red - MGB USA spec 1979

ST180 Tailgate Badge Insert MGB GT - Red BGT

ST181 Tailgate Badge Insert MGB GT - Black BGT

ST182 Tailgate Badge Insert MGB GT - Blue BGT (GHD5-296001 to 394677)

ST186 Union Jack Flags (Pair)

ST191 Lucas Gold Battery label - MGA, Early MGB

ST212 SU Fuel Pump label - MGB

ST236 Vokes Air Filter Decal, MGA Twin Cam

ST240 Rocker Cover label - Blue Flash - MGB 1979-80

ST286 AC Oil Bath sticker

ST382 RB310 Control Box Polarized label

ST393 Emissions Control label - MG 1974

ST429 Girling Shock absorber - MG TC

ST432 Smiths Industries Heater label (FHF 2103) - MGB Midget & Austin Healey Sprite

ST263 "I'd rather be driving my MG" Rear screen sticker

ST353 "I love my MG" Rear screen sticker


TR201 Tecalemit Transfer - MGB, MGC 1967-70

TR202A Coopers transfer PD2604A

TR202B Coopers transfer PD2604 B/1

TR203 Smiths Heater Motor Transfer - MG ZA/ZB, Magnette

ST242 GB Sticker

ST400 Union Jack Sticker

ST339 Castrol GTX "OIL CHANGE DUE" label

ST267 BMC Rosette sticker (external/body)

ST373 BMC Rosette sticker (internal/screen)

TR208 BMC Rosette transfer (external/body)

TR204 BMC Rosette transfer (internal/screen)

TR205 BMC 'SAFETY FAST' transfer (external/body)

TR206 BMC 'SAFETY FAST' transfer (internal/screen)

ST295 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette sticker (external/body)

TR207 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette transfer (external/body)

TR220 BMC 'SPECIAL TUNING' Rosette transfer (internal/screen)


WB603 Wheel centre badge MG Silver on Black - MG Midget

WB604 Wheel centre badge MG Silver on Red - MGB

WB605 Wheel centre badge MG Black on Silver - MGB

WB606 Wheel centre badge MG Gold on Black - Jubilee issue MGB (1975)

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MG Mini Morris Riley

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