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B206 Chassis Plate - XK120, XK140 1951-54

B209 MADE IN ENGLAND plate - Jaguar E-Type, Series 1 & 2, XK120

B217 Chrome on brass overdrive escutcheon plate - Jaguar XK140

B220 Marston Excelsior Radiator Plate - Jaguar XK120

B222 Chassis Plate - Very early XK120, from 1948, Chrome on brass

B223 Caution Heater Plate, Etched Chrome on brass - early XK120

CP303 Caution Heater (Red/Black/Silver) - Daimler Dart, SP250, Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150

CP337 Chassis Plate - Daimler, automatic gearbox

CP365 Chassis Plate - XK150 & early XKE 1957-61, manual gearbox

CP371 Duplex Manifold Plate - Jaguar E-Type Series 1 & 2

CP372 Chassis Plate - Jaguar E-Type 1970-74, Early XJ

CP373 Tilt Seat Plate - Jaguar E-Type Series 2 & 3

CP374 Seat Belt Anchor Plate - Jaguar

CP378 Manufacturer's Plate - Jaguar E Type

CP380 Negative Earth Plate - Jaguar E-Type 1965-68

CP410R Interior De-frost - Jaguar E-Type V12 (RHD)

CP410L Interior De-frost - Jaguar E-Type V12 (LHD)

CP425 Chassis Plate - Jaguar E-Type Series 1 & 2, manual gearbox

CP434 Chassis Plate - Daimler, manual gearbox, inc SP250 'Dart'

CP439 Lucas DR2 Two Speed Wiper Plate - Jaguar XK140, Mk7

CP468 Important Disconnect Battery Plate - Jaguar E-Type

CP499 Cold Hot Run choke plate - Jaguar E-Type Series 3 (BD32487)

CP500 Tekalemit Filter Housing Plate - Jaguar XK120/XK140

CP522 Chassis Plate - Jaguar XJ Series 2, 1973-79 NEW ITEM

CP523 Chassis Plate - Jaguar E-Type, Series 1 & 2, automatic gearbox NEW ITEM


KF414 Jaguar Key Fob (Green leaping Jaguar)

KF415 Jaguar Key Fob (Red Jaguar Face)


LH404 Licence Holder (Black/Gold) - Jaguar

LH405A Licence Holder (Black/Gold) - Daimler "D"

LH414 Licence Holder - Jaguar 3.4

LH436 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Union Jack (Union Flag)


ST116 Trico Vacuum Washers - Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150, Mk7, Mk8 & Mk9

ST120 Coopers Air Cleaner (Blue/White) - Jaguar 420 Series

ST122 Lucas Wiring Ties (Set of 5)

ST128 Heater Motor Direction - Jaguar E-Type Series3

ST130 Heater Label Early Type - Jaguar E-Type Series 3

ST148 Girling Brake Reservoir label - various Jaguar

ST156 Lucas HA12 Coil Sticker

ST169 Lucas Screen Jet - Jaguar E-Type, Mk1 & 2, 420, S-Type, Mk10 & 420G

ST173 Cam Cover Label - Daimler

ST176 Speedo trip reset label (Clockwise)

ST186 Pair of Union Jacks (all models)

ST187 AC Air Cleaner Label - Jaguar XK120, XK140

ST188 Running-In, Red, Jaguar Head on reverse (early cars)

ST189 Running-In, Blue, Jaguar Wings on reverse (later cars)

ST191 Lucas Battery Label - Jaguar XK120-150, E-Type 1961-71

ST193 Cam Cover Label - Jaguar

ST197 Choke Label - Jaguar 1968-74, Mk1, Mk2

ST198 HOT-COLD-RUN label - Jaguar 1970-74

ST199 Heater label - Jaguar E-Type 1970-74

ST200 Lucas Battery Set

ST201 Tappet Clearance and Firing Order label - Jaguar V12, E-Type Series 3 & XJ12 Series 1

ST203 Brake Fluid label - Jaguar E-Type Series 2 & 3

ST205 Emission Control label - Jaguar V12, USA & California, 1971-72

ST206 Emission Control label - Jaguar V12, USA & California, 1973


ST208 Lubrication Label - Jaguar E-Type Series 2 & XJ6

ST209 Tappet Clearance label - Jaguar E-Type Series 2 & XJ6

ST210 Seat Belt Lift Tab Decal

ST214 Engine Oil Decal Jaguar E-Type Series 3

ST215 Emission Control label Jaguar V12, USA & California, 1974

ST223 Dunlop Wheel label Jaguar XK120/XK140/XK150

ST224 Starter Relay label Jaguar

ST242 GB Sticker

ST250 Vokes Air Filter label - Jaguar Mk9

ST252 Duplex Manifold/Ignition Settings

ST268 Lucas Opus 12v Coil label

ST269 Trico Windscreen Washer Bottle label - Jaguar V12 E-Type, XJ6, XJ12 S1

ST271 Bluecol 'U' Antifreeze label - Jaguar, E-Type, V12, 1971-74

ST272 Rists Wiring Loom label

ST273 Daimler Running-In Sticker

ST282 Brake & Clutch Decal - Jaguar XK140/XK150

ST285 Lucas Gold Coil Decal - Early Jaguar XK120

ST293 Fuse Box label - Jaguar XK150

ST300 Lockheed Servo Sticker - Jaguar Mk2/XK

ST301 Lockheed Servo Sticker - Jaguar Mk2/XK

ST305 Ecurie Ecosse Sticker - small

ST306 Ecurie Ecosse Sticker - large

ST311 Jaguar red/white 'lozenge' sticker - Jaguar D Type, E-Type

ST331 Tecalemit Oil Filter Label Jaguar XK150

ST332 Fuse Box Label - Jaguar Mk9

ST336 Lucas HA12 Fluid Cooled Coil label - Jaguar XK150S

ST339 Castrol GTX "OIL CHANGE DUE" label

ST382 RB310 Control Box Polarized label

ST394 AC Filter decal (blue/white) - Jaguar XK

ST400 Large Union Jack Sticker (15cm x 10cm)

ST431 Patent Label (E11/E2) - Jaguar XJ series 2

ST436 'Queens Award to Industry 1967' sticker - Jaguar & Daimler post 1967

ST429 Girling Shock absorber - Jaguar XK120

ST431 "E11/E2" patents label - Jaguar XJ series 2 1976 on (BD48168)NEW ITEM

ST436 Queens Award to Industry - Jaguar/Daimler post 1967NEW ITEM

ST440 Emission Control label - Jaguar XJS V12 1978-80 NEW ITEM

ST441 Radiator Bleed Tap label - Jaguar XJSNEW ITEM

ST442 Anti-Freeze label - Jaguar XJSNEW ITEM

TR203 Smiths Heater Motor Transfer

Austin Austin Healey Daimler/Jaguar Ford

MG Mini Morris Riley

Rover Triumph Wolseley Other