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CP384 Broadspeed Plate - Escort

CP446 Escort Mk1 AVO Body plate 1970-75

CP447 Escort Mk1 AVO Body plate 1968-70 & Mk2 1975-81

CP448 Escort Mk2 AVO Body plate 1975-81 RS2000

CP449 Escort Mk2 body plate 1975-81

CP450 Escort Mk1 body plate 1968-75

CP453 RS Steering wheel centre - Escort MK1 RS

CP455 Carbodies Convertible plate - All Carbodies Convertible Vehicles (Not currently available but may be remade if we receive enough interest in this plate)

Please note, the following are the badge inserts only but we can now supply reproduction wing/boot badge surrounds.

CR4358A 'TWIN CAM' badge insert - Escort Mk1 - (green/black)

CR4729A '1600GT' badge insert - (black/silver)

CR5383A 'MEXICO' badge insert - (black/silver)

CR5969A 'RS2000' badge insert - (black/silver)

CR6551A 'RS1600' badge insert - (blue/silver)

CR7479A '1100L' wing badge insert

CR7481A '1300 Deluxe' wing badge insert

CR7482A Escort wing badge insert

CR7068 Capri 'L' Round Wing Badge

CR8004 Large Chrome base for badge inserts as above

LH434 RS Tax Disk Holder


LH436 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Union Jack (Union Flag)

ST150 Negative Earth label (with italic print) - Capri, Cortina Mk2 1600, Escort MkI & Mk2

ST151 1600 GT Rocker Cover decal - Capri, RS1600, Mk2 1600 GT, Mexico Mk1, Cortina Mk2/3

ST152 Technical Information label - Cortina MK2 GT 1600E, Capri 1300/1600GT

ST157A 1300 GT Rocker Cover decal - blue on silver - UK Version

ST157B 1300 GT Rocker Cover decal - red on blue - EU Version

ST217 Check Coolant label (GESA-M97 B18-C) - Capri, Cortina Mk2, Escort Mk2

ST218 2000 HC Rocker Cover decal - Cortina Mk2/3, Escort & Capri

ST281 Girling Powerstop Servo 5204 label (green)

ST287 Girling Powerstop Servo 5156 label (black)

ST307 Coolant Warning label - Capri, Sierra, XR4i, Cortina Mk4 & 5, Fiesta Mk1, Granada Mk3

ST310 Custom label - Various

ST316 Check Handbook warning label - White - Various

ST317 Antifreeze 50% Mix coolant label - Ford 1975-89

ST318 Wiring Harness sticker - 125E 14289-A - Ford Cortina (Available from the Mk1 Cortina Owners Club)

ST319 Wiring Harness sticker - 113E 14290-A - Ford Cortina (as above)

ST320 Wiring Harness sticker - 113E 14289-A - Ford Cortina (as above)

ST321 1600 HC Rocker Cover decal - Escort, Capri, Cortina Mk2/3

ST325 Coolant Warning label - Escort XR3, Capri Mk3

ST326 Escort XR3 CHV decal - Escort 1.6 XR3

ST328 Escort XR3 1.6 engine decal - Escort 1.6 XR3

ST329B Triplex ZebraZone Toughened Windscreen label (blue) - Various

ST329G Triplex ZebraZone Toughened Windscreen label (green) - Various

ST333 Asbestos Warning Label (horizontal) - various models up to 1985

ST335 Technical Information label 2724E-6BMK315 - RS Zodiac MK4 & Capri V4 1.7 & 2.0, V6 2.5 & 3.0

ST344 Battery label - Escort Mk4 & others

ST345 Check Handbook warning label - Yellow - Escort Mk4, XR3, plus others

ST350 Technical Information label 2733E-6B315-A - Escort 1100, 1300, 1600

ST354 Dash heater slide decal - Escort Mk2, Capri Mk2/3

ST357 Dash heater slide decal - Escort Mk1 1100/1300/1600

ST358 Wiring Harness label - Capri Mk3

ST359 Asbestos warning label (vertical) - various models 1986-88

ST360 Check Coolant label (SM-97B1002-A) - Check Coolant label - Ford Capri, Cortina, Escort MkI 1100, 1300, 1600

ST361 Negative Earth label (heavy print) - Ford Escort MkI 1100, 1300, 1600

ST362 Technical Information label 711M6B315EA - Escort 1600 GT & 1300 GT

ST374 Oil Filer Cap decal Ford CVH & early Zetec Engines

ST378 Dash heater slide decal - Granada/Cortina Heater (LHD)

ST379 1100 HC Rocker Cover decal

ST400 Large Union Jack sticker (15cm x 10cm)


WB614 Road Wheel centre sticker - Ford RS Mk2 silver outline on black

WB615 Road Wheel centre sticker - Ford RS Mk1 black on silver (matt silver, not reflective)

WB615a Road Wheel centre sticker - Ford RS Mk1 black on silver (shiny reflective)

Austin Austin Healey Daimler/Jaguar Ford

MG Mini Morris Riley

Rover Triumph Wolseley Other