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CP384 Broadspeed Plate - Escort

CP446 Escort Mk1 AVO Body plate 1970-75

CP447 Escort Mk1 AVO Body plate 1968-70 & Mk2 1975-81

CP448 Escort Mk2 AVO Body plate 1975-81 RS2000

CP449 Escort Mk2 body plate 1975-81

CP450 Escort Mk1 body plate 1968-75

CP453 RS Steering wheel centre - Escort MK1 RS

CP455 Carbodies Convertible plate - All Carbodies Convertible Vehicles

Please note, the following are the badge inserts only but we can now supply reproduction wing/boot badge surrounds.

CR4358A 'TWIN CAM' badge insert - Escort Mk1 - (green/black)

CR4729A '1600GT' badge insert - (black/silver)

CR5383A 'MEXICO' badge insert - (black/silver)

CR5969A 'RS2000' badge insert - (black/silver)

CR6551A 'RS1600' badge insert - (blue/silver)

CR7479A '1100L' wing badge insert

CR7481A '1300 Deluxe' wing badge insert

CR7483A '1600GT' badge insert (red/silver)

CR7068 Capri 'L' Round Wing Badge

CR8004 Large Chrome base for badeg inserts as above

CR7482A Escort wing badge insert


LH436 Licence (Tax Disc) Holder - Union Jack (Union Flag)

ST150 Negative Earth label (with italic print) - Capri, Cortina Mk2 1600, Escort MkI & Mk2

ST151 1600 GT Rocker Cover decal - Capri, RS1600, Mk2 1600 GT, Mexico Mk1, Cortina Mk2/3

ST152 Technical Information label - Cortina MK2 GT 1600E, Capri 1300/1600GT

ST157A 1300 GT Rocker Cover decal - blue on silver - UK Version

ST157B 1300 GT Rocker Cover decal - red on blue - EU Version

ST217 Check Coolant label (GESA-M97 B18-C) - Capri, Cortina Mk2, Escort Mk2

ST218 2000 HC Rocker Cover decal - Cortina Mk2/3, Escort & Capri

ST281 Girling Powerstop Servo 5204 label (green)

ST287 Girling Powerstop Servo 5156 label (black)

ST307 Coolant Warning label - Capri, Sierra, XR4i, Cortina Mk4 & 5, Fiesta Mk1, Granada Mk3

ST310 Custom label - Various

ST316 Check Handbook warning label - White - Various

ST317 Antifreeze 50% Mix coolant label - Ford 1975-89

ST321 1600 HC Rocker Cover decal - Escort, Capri, Cortina Mk2/3

ST325 Coolant Warning label - Escort XR3, Capri Mk3

ST326 Escort XR3 CHV decal - Escort 1.6 XR3

ST328 Escort XR3 1.6 engine decal - Escort 1.6 XR3

ST329B Triplex ZebraZone Toughened Windscreen label (blue) - Various

ST329G Triplex ZebraZone Toughened Windscreen label (green) - Various

ST333 Asbestos Warning Label (horizontal) - various models up to 1985

ST335 Technical Information label 2724E-6BMK315 - RS Zodiac MK4 & Capri V4 1.7 & 2.0, V6 2.5 & 3.0

ST344 Battery label - Escort Mk4 & others

ST345 Check Handbook warning label - Yellow - Escort Mk4, XR3, plus others

ST350 Technical Information label 2733E-6B315-A - Escort 1100, 1300, 1600

ST354 Dash heater slide decal - Escort Mk2, Capri Mk2/3

ST357 Dash heater slide decal - Escort Mk1 1100/1300/1600

ST358 Wiring Harness label - Capri Mk3

ST359 Asbestos warning label (vertical) - various models 1986-88

ST360 Check Coolant label (SM-97B1002-A) - Escort MkI 1100, 1300, 1600

ST361 Negative Earth label (heavy print) - Escort MkI 1100, 1300, 1600

ST362 Technical Information label 711M6B315EA - Escort 1600 GT & 1300 GT

ST374 Oil Filer Cap decal Ford CVH & early Zetec Engines

ST378 Dash heater slide decal - Granada/Cortina Heater (LHD)

ST379 1100 HC Rocker Cover decal

ST400 Large Union Jack sticker (15cm x 10cm)


WB614 Road Wheel centre sticker - Ford RS Mk2 silver outline on black

WB615 Road Wheel centre sticker - Ford RS Mk1 black on silver (matt silver, not reflective)

WB615a Road Wheel centre sticker - Ford RS Mk1 black on silver (shiny reflective)

Austin Austin Healey Daimler/Jaguar Ford

MG Mini Morris Riley

Rover Triumph Wolseley Other